Web Development

Access your system from any mobile phone or desktop computer browser.

Web app development

What is a web application?

In simple words, it’s a website with more advanced functionality than a brochure website. It is a responsive application that you can interact with using your desktop or mobile browser.

Handy framework

Meet Handy

Handy is an in-house built set of tools that automates our job. Thanks to its flexibility, extensibility and many features, we can deliver top quality products in short lead times. It is built on top of secure, mature and trusted technologies.

Technologies: Mongo, Express, Angular & Node

Core features

  • Available from any browser - desktop and mobile
  • Doesn’t need installation
  • Live data tracking & reports
  • Easy to maintain and apply changes
  • and many more

Example benefits

  • Avoid time consuming phone calls or writing emails - everything in a centralised stock and orders management system
  • Stop wasting time on looking for dockets, order sheets
  • No more struggling with Excel sheets