Software Development

Integrate with systems and peripherals available for computers only, like printers, kiosks and other hardware.

Desktop application development

Get a standalone Windows, Mac or Linux application

Sometimes a web or mobile application cannot provide the right solution. In cases, where you need to:

  • access a hardware connected to your computer
  • connect to a device or system available in your local network only
  • have an application available from your computer’s desktop
  • bypass graphic user interface

a desktop app is the only option.

Technologies: Electron
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Core features

  • Available on your computer as a standalone application
  • Desktop notifications
  • Can work offline
  • Access to any hardware
  • and many more

Example benefits

  • Automatic order printing when they arrive to the system
  • Read and save data from a scale
  • Display live metrics on screens